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Shawn Mendes - Strings, аккорды

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 Em                    Em
All the strings attached girl
All the strings attached girl, hmm
  Em                      Em
Met this girl when I was three or so
We were holding hands started going slow
And it felt like an eternity
Said it felt like an eternity
'Cause I knew back then we were more than friends
Two sides of the stories in our defense
And I've said it once, say it again
And it'll only end up burning me
   Em                     Em
Years flew by I was less than twelve
The only reason I need your help
Can you come on over and work with me
Anytime you like and it'll work with me
'Cause I knew back then if I get you close
When the times is right maybe I'll propose
Baby climb up, go on show me the ropes

                   G                 Am
    Darling I want all the strings attached
                        Em               D/F#
    I love it when you look at me like that
                     G                      Am
    And you're the only girl that brings me back
                       Em                 D/F#
    'Cause baby I want all the strings attached
                G          Am
    It's like always and forever
             Em             D/F#
    I won't let the moment pass
                   G                Am
    And when I'm with you I feel better
           Em                D/F#
    I want all the strings, all the strings attached

    All the strings attached girl
    All the strings attached girl, hmm

  Em                       Em
So come on girl let me hold your hand
Let's go get lost, without a plan
You know you've got the world to see
You know you mean the world to me
And I know right now you have second thoughts
Do whatever it takes, yeah whatever the cost
   Em                  Em
And you know me, not the type of guy
To sneak around, to do the time
But you must have me hypnotized
I'd get get get get down to be by your side
Every night, yeah


          Am          Em      D
When you fall down, I fall too
         Am            Em                 D
And if you get lost, then I get lost with you
And when the waves crash down
      Em             D     
I promise I won't move
'Cause I


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