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Green Day - 21st century breakdown, аккорды

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D                       A          G
  Born into Nixon I was raised in hell
D                             A       G
  A welfare child where the teamsters dwelled
D                             A           G
  The last one born and the first one to run
D                           A      G
  My town was blind from refinery sun

Hm                 G
  My generation is zero
Hm                     G             A
  I never made it as a working class hero


    D     A      G
    21st century breakdown
      D                 A     G
    I once was lost but never was found
      D                A              G
    I think I'm losing what's left of my mind
           D    A       G
    To the 20th century deadline

D               A          G
  I was made of poison and blood
D                 A         G
  Combination is what I understood
D                     A     G
  From Mexico to the Berlin Wall
D                          A       G
  Homeland security could kill us all

Hm                 G
  My generation is zero
Hm                     G             A
  I never made it as a working class hero


A                                    D
We are the cries of the class of '13
A                           D
Born in the year of humility
A                                  D
We are the desperate in the decline
Raised by the bastards of 1969

D                         G    A    D
My name is 'No one' your long lost son

Born on the 4th of July
D                           G    A    D           
Raised in the barnyards of heroes and cons

Left me for dead or alive
D                        G   A   D
There is a war that's inside my head

That questions the results and lies
         D                     G    A     D
I'm breaking my back till I'm better off dead

We are not payed enough to survive

Chord changes from D to G. Listen for change in song

D                 G     A   D
I am an engine, a worker, a pawn

My debt to the status quo
D                              G  A     D
The scars on my hands and a means to an end

It's all that I have to show
D                       G   A   D
I'm taking a loan on my sa  ni  ty

For the redemption of my soul
D                          G    A   D
Well I am exempt from this tra  ge  dy

And the 21st century fall

    G       A   D       G          A  D
I praise liber  ty, the freedom to o  bey
         G            A           D
It's a song that strangles me
      G          D   A
Well don't cross the line

    D       Db      B
Oh, dream, American dream
   A           G
I can't even sleep
     A#              D
From rainstorms till dawn
    D       Db     B
Oh, bleed, America bleed
  A              G
Believe what you read
From heroes and cons            

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