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Gerard way - Drugstore Perfume, аккорды

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D         D4/G        D
She waits at windows
                 G       F#/G           Em           G  F#/G
Her dreams don’t show in color and she sleeps for now
She just waits around wishing she-

D            D4/G           D
Could leave, single mothers
           G             F#/G           Em         G  F#/G
In parking lots and wear another girl’s evening out
This place let you down easy

C#5            D5
She gets up to buy a drink
C#5        G            F#/G  Em
I’d notice why when she walks by
There’s something caught in her eye, she says

    D                     D4/G     D
    That she can’t change for love
                         G          F#/G   Em
    And she explains how long she’s waited for
     G  F#/G   A
    She wanted more

D D4/G D D4/G 

D            D4/G               D
Dead leaves, desperate summers
         G               F#/G       Em           G 
All-ages clubs and metal shutter to keep you out
F#/G      A
While we hang around factories

D        D4/G            D
‘Till we meet each other
             G               F#/G       Em       G    F#/G
Two discount lives and heavy numbers to keep you Down
If I wait around, maybe she-

C#5                D5
Might come back to say that I’m
C#5          G       F#/G         Em
Not sure you know my name, that’s fine
But take me with you this time she says


Hm   D
Gone today
  F#         C#      Hm
I might just see you around
   A          G      Em                 Hm   D
It hurts, but I understand if you can’t find another
F#     C#     G 
reason not to stay
And while she’s walking away she says


             D       D4/G
And as these days go by
                D          G          F#/G   Em  G
Well they can’t change how long we’ve waited for
   F#/G       A
A love that’s more
A love that’s more 

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